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About Tribes Studio

We’re digital adventurers, gamers, hella geeks and web3 techies with a mission to build the future of gaming together with our community. Join the pre-launch adventure now for a limited time by signing up HERE. All of our OG members will have a chance to receive awesome goodies that are too good to pass up...

We're Community First
Our community is at the heart of everything we do. If we can build the world we want — why shouldn’t we all try? Together we will be shaping our gameplay for generations to come, contributing on key decisions as we grow and learn together.
We're Storytellers
Our story has only just begun and with your help we’re going to expand into the future. We want our story to expand to every platform and every medium.
We Think Ahead
Web3 will bring a ton of new ways to connect with each other and we will use this technology to create immersive experiences for all our community across all our games.

Meet the Team

CEO and Founder


Chief Growth Officer


VP, Game Tech


Head of Brand


Head of Community


Business Development


Connect with us

Say hi on twitter, drop by Linkedin but above all sign up to our newsletter for more info... oh and goodies :)